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Mar 6 '13





You feel a moment. I’m not certain if it’s a second lost or a second gained, but in that moment the Earth stops. It’s the moment you watch a child, a young girl in purple shoes, pull a loaded AK-47 assault rifle from the cab of a pick-up truck.

The child, 9-year-old Brianna, had no ill intentions with the weapon of course. She was simply retrieving the gun for a man she affectionately calls “Uncle Jim”. 

He is Jim Foster, a 57-year-old former police officer and the leader of the North Florida Survival Group. The organization teaches children and adults alike to handle weapons, and Jim refers to it as a ‘militia”.

PHOTO BLOG: The Florida militia where children train as survivalists

Surprisingly I only saw a few, “omg these peeple are liek scaree. Obama shud put them in jail”, type comments.

Seriously, think about every news clip you saw or article you read related to the following.

Hunting. Firearms. People with extensive survival skills. Individuals who strongly support the preservation of personal liberties and those who know how to take care of themselves, so called “isolationists”.

Do you not ever question why the mainstream media wants you to have a negative view of these things?

Or do you see and are just too complacent to care?

Changing the subject here but does anyone what’s up with the red mark on the bolt/charging handle of their rifles? It’s on the kid’s Marlin 795, the Tapcoed SKS, and the AR15.

^This. Also, awesome. That’s what I call effective, worthwhile, gun-control promoting parenting — in that she is learning to control a gun.


This will be my children one day

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    This is not a bad thing. The sooner you learn to control and respect firearms, the less likely it is you will have an...
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    Plus, she’s holding a .22 in the last picture, which is something appropriate for a small child (not that she couldn’t...
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    It’s not an assault rifle or an AK-47. Jesus Christ, IT IS NOT AN ASSAULT RIFLE OR AN AK-47.Stop poisoning the argument...
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    Someday I’ll have a kid like this.
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